Alternative shoots

Would you like to have distinctive engagement photos, classy portraits of the bride or groom, sensuous boudoir photos, or would you like to experience an unforgettable trash the dress photo shoot?

There is no need to stress about the photographer or being photographed. We go on a photo shoot to have fun, and it shows in the photos.

I always plan alternative shoots together with the subjects. Together we make up ideas about the style of the photos, shooting locations and clothing so that the photos look just like you.

Please contact me, and let us plan what kind of a shoot would be best for you!

Engagement photos

These photos are far from stiff formals in front of a dusty muslin. You'll get to enjoy each other's company in a nice environment like a park, on a beach, in a forest or the buzz of the city.

Engagement photos are great for a wedding website, invitations, wedding programs, the guest book or as a present to the parents for being supportive during the wedding planning.

detail from bridal dress

Boudoir photos

The idea of boudoir photography is to make intimate photos to be given to the loved one.

The photo shoot can be arranged inside or outdoors in any style you like. The photos can be delivered as, for example, wallet size prints, a mini album, a calendar, or a framed print for the bedroom wall.

in the water

Trash the dress

Trash the dress is an after wedding alternative photo shoot where you no longer need to watch out for the wedding dress. Even the wildest places are good shooting locations.

How would it sound to walk on a dewy meadow, fool around in a haystack, sit in your spouse's arms on a beach, or dip in a lake in the wedding dress, with your newlywed husband.

A definitely unique experience.